Your Wedding in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Wedding The Dominican Republic is the ideal place to celebrate your wedding. Surrounded by palm trees, tropical flowers, live music, you will find the perfect balance between privacy and a friendly atmosphere. You will need two witnesses holding valid passports that can be traveling with you or you can ask local hotel staff to witness your wedding.

Documents required to get married in the DR

  • Original birth certificates and 1 photocopy (long version form with parentís names) *New Requirement.
  • Valid and signed passports. (Send 1 photocopy of the main page)
  • Notarized statutory declarations of single status done according to our sample. (Bring or send one original and 1 photocopy).The Notary Public must be a Lawyer with a notary's seal or stamp.
    Click here to see a sample of the Statutory Declaration.
  • Divorce certificate or death certificate, if applicable.
    (Send original and two simple photocopies.) In both cases, a minimum waiting period of ten months applies before a woman can remarry.
    Important: if any legal document (Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate) is issued in a different country than Canada, must have the Apostille of the Hague or be stamped by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country. Also, if the document is in a different language, must be translated into English or Spanish by a certified translator. Feel free to contact us by phone or email If this is your case and you need more information.
  • Filled in Information Form and Document Checklist

As per new Law from June 15, 2010, the 1st, 3rd and 4th documents have to be translated and legalized by The Dominican Republic Consulate without exception. Birth certificates, divorce certificates & death certificates must be submitted in original. We will return the originals back to you. Birth certificates must be in a long version form with parentís names on it.

If you are near Toronto and wish to drop off your documents at our office, you may do so by booking an appointment with us in advance. ( See driving directions) When it is not possible, please, mail by Xpress. Post or courier to us all above-mentioned documents and its copies. Please include a prepaid Xpress Post or courier envelope to return documents to you with your daytime phone number and mailing address. Legalization of documents takes 10 - 20 working days. Please note that your first, middle and last name must be the SAME in your passport and statutory declaration. If name is different on your birth certificate, please indicate that in point 1 of your declaration.

Please, note that some Canadian institutions require Dominican Marriage Certificate to be translated and legalized by the Dominican Republic Consulate in Canada. Please contact us for further details. Click here for further details.

Note: Some hotels in the Dominican Republic may charge legal fees for the authentication of documents legalized by the Dominican Consulates abroad by the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs.

Important: Is required than bride and groom arrive in DR at least 3 days before the ceremony, Sundays and Holidays do not count. Please check this information with your Wedding Coordinator at the Resort in DR.

All documents required to get married in Dominican Republic, are VALID FOR 6 months


...companies in the Dominican Republic, US and Canada are offering so-called Wedding Documents legalizations,which in fact are not legal at all.