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Religious Weddings in the Dominican Republic

Religious Wedding

Although the main religion is Roman Catholic, it is possible to arrange a wedding for other religious denominations, like Jewish, Adventist, Protestant, etc..
DRSI or your hotelís wedding coordinator can arrange a religious wedding for you.
Here is a sample of General Requirements for a Religious Wedding:

  • Original passport and two photocopies.
  • Original birth certificate and two photocopies.
  • Statutory declaration of single status and two photocopies.
  • Divorce certificate or death certificate (if applicable) and two photocopies.
  • Original certificate of baptism and two photocopies.
  • Certificate from the competent religious authority in your community, authorizing the wedding.
  • If applicable, the Birth certificates of children procreated by the couple and two photocopies.

PLEASE, be advised that all documents listed above, must be officially translated into Spanish by our office and properly legalized prior to your departure to the Dominican Republic.

After the wedding, once you return from the D.R. to your country of residence, the wedding certificate must be translated from Spanish to English as well as legalized. Please see Marriage Certificate for further information.