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Translation and Legalization Fees

Payment is accepted in cash, certified cheques, bank drafts or money orders in US or Canadian dollars

Information sheet on calculation of costs to legalize and translate your wedding documents

Legalization fee is US$ 100.00 or CAD$ 140.00 per each document.
Translation fee is US$ 40.00 or CAD$ 56.00 per page.
*HST included
Payment is accepted in cash, certified cheque, bank draft or money order in US dollars in 2 separate payments as follows:

Description of couple Payable to Dominican Republic Services
(Translation fees)
Dominican Republic Consulate
(Legalization fees)
Single Canadian Resident marrying a Dominican US$80 orCAD$112 US$200 orCAD$280
Divorced or widowed Canadian Resident marrying a Dominican US$120 orCAD$168 US$300 orCAD$420
Both Canadian Residents never married before US$160 orCAD$224 US$400 orCAD$560
Both Canadian Residents, one divorced or widowed US$200 orCAD$280 US$500 orCAD$700
Both Canadian Residents, both divorced or widowed US$240 orCAD$336 US$600 orCAD$840

Important Note: You have to prepare TWO different money orders per couple forthe total amount applicable to your case. One payable to “Dominican Republic Services” for translations and to the “Dominican Republic Consulate” for legalizations.
You can also pay in Canadian currency. Please contact us by phone (416) 739-1237 or e-mail at info@dominicanrepublicservices.com to verify the current amount.

Valid only for documents processed by :
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Toronto, ON
M3J 3G9

Please call us for details if you have any further questions to (416) 739-1237

Wedding Documents
Your legal documentation for your wedding in the Dominican Republic